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Ma Chengkui

Ma Chengkui, the former head, professor and postgraduate tutor of national folk dance in the Dance Department of the College of Military Culture, National Defence University PLA China, now is the visiting professor of Dance Department of Capital Normal University, part-time professor of Dance School of Northwest Minzu University and the visiting professor of Dance Department of Sichuan Normal University. He is also the vice chairman of Beijing Chinese Ethnic Folk Dancers Association and guest expert of the National Ballet of China.

In 1983, he was admitted to the first junior college class of the Dance Department of the Minzu University of China. In 1985, he took part in the first "Taoli Cup" Dance Competition and won the outstanding performance award of the senior group. In 1986, he graduated and stayed in school as a teacher of the teaching and research section for the national folk dance. In the same year, he participated in the 2nd National Dance Competition and won the First prize of Dance Ensemble. In 1997, he was specially recruited to serve in the National Folk Dance Teaching and Research Section of the Dance Department of the College of Military Culture, National Defence University PLA China.

Professor Ma has been engaged in the teaching and research of national folk dance for a long time in the front line of education, and he had edited and published audio-visual teaching materials of <Mongolian Men's Folk Dance>. Over the years, he has published several papers in magazines such as Dance Magazine, Journal of Beijing Dance Academy and Journal of PLA Art Academy. Among them, the paper <The Importance of Ethnic and Folk Dance Teaching in Military Culture Construction> won the first prize in the 11th Paper Appraisal of PLA Art Academy.

He has been engaged in teaching for 31 years, and trained many outstanding dance talents with high reputation both inside and outside the army. He has made remarkable achievements in various dance competitions and has been recognized and praised by other art institutions. In the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th National Dance Competition (Taoli Cup), students instructed by him had won five gold medals, five silver medals, four bronze medals and many performance awards, and he himself had won "Best Teacher Award" for 14 times. Ma Chengkui won the gold medal for talent cultivation of the PLA Military Institute in 2013, and was awarded the Third-Cass Merit for three times.

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