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NBC Live Broadcast | Enter NBC Live Room in Douyin and Watch the Rehearsal of Inspiration and Glory

Here is the rehearsal of Inspiration and Glory!

"Listen" to dance and "see" the music!

Let's sneak a peek!

National Ballet of China will present the symphony ballet Inspiration and Glory at the Opera House of the National Centre for the Performing Arts from November 10 to 12. On November 9, from 14: 00 to 15: 00, we will share with you in advance the rehearsal of the second and third movements of Inspiration and Glory in the Douyin live room ...

Live speakers: Zhang Zhenxin (One of the choreographers of Inspiration and Glory)

Zhang Yi (Music Director of National Ballet of China, Conductor of Inspiration and Glory)

Guan Xia (Guest Composer of Inspiration and Glory)

Tan Xiaotang (Guest Piano Soloist of Inspiration and Glory)

Dancers: Fang Mengying, Li Wentao, Zhan Xinlu, Chen Zhuming, Sun Haifeng, Zhang Xi, etc.

Music by National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Zhang Yi

Concert Master: Wang Xiaomao

Guest Piano Soloist: Tan Xiaotang

At 14: 00 -15: 00 on November 9

hope to meet you

in the Douyin live room!

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Autumn Galas- NBC Autumn Performing Season

Performance Preview

November 10-12, Opera House of National Centre for the Performing Arts, Inspiration and Glory

November 17-20, Beijing Tianqiao Theater, Cinderella

November 23, Zhuhai Grand Theater, Yimeng

November 25-26, Zhuhai Grand Theater, Swan lake

November 29-30, Guangxi Culture & Art Center, The Red Detachment of Women

(Please refer to the latest news for any changes in the performance schedule)

The world is our stage. Chinese ballet is where we are!

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