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Interview of Choreographers of Workshop (II) | Li Zhuangzhuang, Li Yang, Peng Jie, & Liu Xuechen: To Perceive the Diverse Life Situations with Heart

Li Zhuangzhuang, Li Yang, Peng Jie and Liu Xuechen, their works are inspired by their perceptions of life, as the saying goes, "Art comes from life". The young choreographers focused on the present and expressed their thoughts with their elaborate works.

Cest la Vie by Li Zhuangzhuang

The greatest reward for me as a dancer to participate in the Workshop is that it allows me to stand in a different perspective to express myself.

The work is inspired by what Director Feng Ying always tells us, "There are no small roles, only small actors". I think everyone in life is playing a role in their own work, and they are all a particularly vital role.

The Longest Journey by Li Yang

Workshop is a very inclusive platform. Under the leadership of Director Feng Ying, it gives choreographers a lot of free space.

In this year's Workshop, I made a relatively gentle attempt, and my work focused on expressing some very delicate and subtle emotions.

I hope that everyone who participated in the Workshop will try to live their dreams!

Home by Peng Jie

From the solo dance work, to group dance work, to this pas de deux work, I have been breaking through myself in the three Workshops. Home expresses the search for a sense of belonging in the metropolis.

To create is to grow, and to move forward through comprehension in learning and practice is the way to grow.

Energized by Nature by Liu Xuechen

Workshop brings me opportunities and challenges. Through two plants and a boy, Energized by Nature shows the journey of going through the struggle and finally feeling the power of life.

The "1/12" symbolizes a cycle, a cycle that repeats itself with the original aspiration. In the future, I will stay determined to create on this platform and carry on my passion!

On April 12 and 13, you are welcome to enter the Tianqiao Theater and enjoy the soaring creativity and vivid works of these young choreographers.

Upcoming Performances

April 12-13, Beijing Tianqiao Theater, The 12th Ballet Workshop of National Ballet of China

May 28 and 29, Nantong Grand Theatrer, The Red Detachment of Women

April 27 and 28, Opera House of National Centre for the Performing Arts, The Light of Heart

May 1 and 2, Opera House of National Centre for the Performing Arts, Onegin

May 21 and 22, Shanghai Culture Square, Onegin

May 13-15, Beijing Tianqiao Theater, The Crane Calling


May 25 and 26, Shanghai Culture Square, Inspiration and Glory

April 29, Haimen Grand TheaterBallet Gala

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April 9, Graphic Exhibition Concert, Concert Hall of National Centre for the Performing Arts

May 8, May Music Festival Concert, Concert Hall of National Centre for the Performing Arts

May 23, Teachers- Students Concert of Yan Weiwen's National Vocal Music Master Class, Beijing Concert Hall

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