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The Yellow River

A group adaptation of Xian Xinghai's The Yellow River Cantata by Central Philharmonic Orchestra 

Music adapted by Yin Chengzong, Chu Wanghua, Liu Zhuang, Sheng Lihong, Shi Shucheng, Xu Feixing 

Choreographer: Chen Zemei (Guest)

Stage Designer:Zeng Li (Guest)

Lighting Designer:Qu Yongde

Premiere: Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater, September 21st,1999


The Yellow River, a ballet about 28 minutes length, is choreographed by Chen Zemei, professor of Beijing Dance Academy and premiered by the National Ballet of China in September 1999, using the music of a famous Piano Concerto 'YellowRiver' after Yellow River Cantata,which was composed by one of the greatest Chinese musicians Xian Xinghai during World War Two.

Yellow River is a patriotic work with an exuberant bang of ballet steps and acrobatic moves. China's Yellow River has long been aninspiration for poets, musicians and other artists; a poem about leading troopsacross it during the Sino-Japanese War inspired the composer Xian Xinghai towrite his "Yellow River Cantata" in 1939. Some 30 years later in 1970s, Yin Chengzong, a famous Chinese pianist and other musicians adapted itas a piano concerto. It is this work, or parts of it, that gave rise to the celebratory ballet by NBC.

The company presents this work to demonstrate its skill combining ballet with Chinese dance. Yellow River uses powerful imagery to symbolize China's great national spirit with four movements.

The world is our stage. Chinese ballet is where we are!

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