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Inspiration and Glory

Inspiration and Glory, a ballet in four movements

National Ballet of China Production

Executive Director, Producer: Feng Ying

Executive Supervisor: Yang Xiong

Supervisors: Wang Jishu, Zhu Yan, Zhang Jian

Composer: Guan Xia (Guest)

Literature-planning by Zhu Hai (Guest)

Choreographers: Fei Bo, Zhang Zhenxin, Wang Sizheng, Ma Cong (Guest)

Stage Designer: Liu Xinglin (Guest)

Lighting Designer: Liu Zhao

Costume Designer: Yue Songshan

Make-up and Style Designer: Xu Bin

Assistant Stage Designers: Liu Zhao, He Yuyun

Production Coordinators: Zhang Tianyu, Ma Xiaoran, Peng Kejia, Cheng Su

Literature-planning Assistant: Ying Xiao (Guest)

Stage Supervisors: Zhang Bingzhi, Yue Jianhua, Zhang Jianhua

National Ballet of China

Artistic Director: Feng Ying

Répétiteurs: Zhang Jian, Wang Qimin, Wang Hao, Wang Qi

Starring: Ma Xiaodong, Wang Ye, Qiu Yunting, Xu Yan, Zhan Xinlu,Sun Ruichen, Wu Sicong, Li Wentao, Fang Mengying,Zhang Xi, Wang Jiyu, Chen Zhuming, Sun Haifeng, etc.

National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Liu Ju

Concert Master: Liu Xiaohuan

Piano Soloist: Xiaotang Tan (Guest)

Stage Production: Stage Production Department of NBC

Synopsis of Inspiration and Glory

When tip-toes touch the symphony notes,

When thoughts run through time and space,

When breaths connect with the spirits,

When dance steps narrate the civilization,

Inspiration and Glory is born to celebrate the great moments.

This first Chinese symphony ballet suite with majestic passion,

retrospecting the spirit origin empower the everlasting nation,

pays tribute to the roots and soul of the Chinese civilization...

First Movement: The Sky Rescuer

In the old and wonderful Chinese gallery,

the image of Nvwa always exists everywhere.

Born in the suffering lives, she saves the people from the fire;

Believe in the ideal and youth, she saves the state from danger.

Then, the tilting sky back to righted,

Time runs in cycle, spring returns to earth and everything goes in renewal;

Then, the broken land got healed,

Mountains remain high, rivers run fast and all the days lived into forever…

Second Movement: The Mountain Bearer

Difficulties and dangers all come from the vast mountains,

Persistence and tenacity originated from the Yugong spirit.

From his own action to the inheritance of the descendants,

The gathering strength opens up a broad road on the earth.

Thus, the power of life burst forth,

Everlasting from generation to generation;

Thus, the banner of spirit lifts high,

Turning the poverty into happiness and beaty…

Third Movement: The Sea Rider

Image of Jingwei: Qiu Yunting, Wang Ye, Zhan Xinlu

Leading Male: Li Wentao, Wu Sicong, Chen Zhuming

Three Couples: Guan Wenting, Wu Dianyu, Yu Xiaoting, Zhang Qi, Wu Huahua, Zeng Shuai, Ou Mengru, Zhang Xuhao, Sun Yimeng, She Zhaohuan, Zheng Dudu, Wang Chen, Chen Haibei, Yang Zheng

Fourth Movement: The Sun Chaser

Image of Kuafu: Ma Xiaodong, Li Wentao, Wu Sicong

Image of Nuwa: Xu Yan, Fang Mengying, Qiu Yunting

Image of Yugong: Sun Ruichen, Sun Haifeng

Image of Jingwei: Qiu Yunting, Wang Ye, Zhan Xinlu

The world is our stage. Chinese ballet is where we are!

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