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Chinese New Year【The Nutcracker (Chinese Version)】

Production by the National Ballet of China

General Planner & Producers: Feng Ying and Zhao Ruheng

Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography and Direction by Zhao Ming (Guest)

Choreography by Wang Yuanyuan (Guest) and Feng Ying

Additional Choreography by Wang Qi, Wang Sizheng and Zhang Yixiang

Vision Adviser:Zeng Li (Guest)

Stage Design by Gong Xun

Lighting Design by Han Jiang

Costume Design by Li Ruiding (Guest)

LiteraryConsultant: Ouyang Yibing(Guest)

Special Thanks to: Chinese Dancers Association

A Project sponsored by the China Literature and Art Foundation.


Act I

Scene 1 ---- A temple fair in Beijing with strong Chinese characteristic

The Chinese New Year is coming soon. People are bustling about purchasing goods for the New Year at the temple fair. Adults greet each other in traditional ways, while children are enjoying themselves in the festive atmosphere. Tuan Tuan and his cousin Yuan Yuan are playing with their little friends. Tuan Tuan has even bought a mask of Nian, a monster in the fairy tales. The grandfather of Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan tells the origin of the festival. 12 children hold 12 masks of animal signs, happily waiting for the eve of Chinese New Year in drifting snow.


Scene 2 ---- A comfortable and harmonious Chinese living room

At the eve of Chinese New Year, a foreign friend comes to the grandfather's home to celebrate the Spring Festival with the family. The foreign friend gives the lovely Yuan Yuan a nutcracker as a New Year gift. Tuan Tuan gets jealous, since he wants this fantastic gift as well. The grandfather gives a double truncation stick to him, and gives back a gift to the foreign friend together with the grandmother. Children are listening to the foreign friend to tell the function of the nutcracker. The greedy Tuan Tuan grabs the nutcracker in his hand. Yuan Yuan is very upset, and goes extra miles to get her favorite gift back. The New Year dinner is ready and the foreign friend takes a group photo of this harmonic Chinese family.


Scene 3---- Yuan Yuan's bedroom

Yuan Yuan gets back to her bedroom alone when the night falls. Holding the nutcracker in her arms, she quickly falls into sleep…

Reality fades into the world of dream, while Tuan Tuan and the monster Nian become one and steals the nutcracker away. Yuan Yuan gets up and panics. Suddenly, the nutcracker transforms into a human and jumps out. Groups of monsters Nian are closing in. Together with many little tigers, the nutcracker fights against them.


Scene 4---- To the fairy land in the Kingdom of Crane

The fight between two sides is getting hot, when the Crane Queen from the fairy land arrives. She draws out the red gauze on the top of her head. All monsters Nian are intimated by the red color and helplessly fall down. Having witnessed the magic of the Crane Queen, Yuan Yuan salutes the queen with gratitude. She asks the queen to change her into a beautiful crane, and fly to the magical Porcelain Kingdom with her beloved nutcracker.


Act II

Scene 1 ---- Porcelain Kingdom

Yuan Yuan arrives in the magical Porcelain Kingdom. In front of her are all kinds of amazing things: the welcoming happy Fuwas, the dressed up performance by 12 Animal Signs, the sweet and funny Crystalline Candied Haws, the elegant and graceful dance of Fans, not to mention the dance of Silk, dance of Kite, dance of Spinning Top, and dance of Gold Ingot. It is a big celebration full of Chinese elements.


Scene 2---- The New Year celebration

The entrance of the cloisonné justifies the name of Porcelain Kingdom. Yuan Yuan is slowly lifted up by the little Firecracker boys. Out of a sudden, all characters in the dream fade out. Yuan Yuan is waken up by Tuan Tuan. Back to reality, Yuan Yuan still holds the nutcracker tightly in her hands, afraid that Tuan Tuan may takes it away again. The bell for the New Year is about to ring. Realizing that it was all just a dream, she feels sorry and gives the nutcracker to Tuan Tuan. Firecrackers begin to salvo the sky. Everybody enjoys the happiness brought by the joy of New Year, as the celebration climbs to its highlight. A little embarrassed, Tuan Tuan gives the nutcracker back to Yuan Yuan. The whole family joyfully welcomes another beautiful new year!

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