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The National Ballet of China (NBC) Stage Art Base

TheNational Ballet of China (NBC) Stage Art Base is the stage art productionentity of the National Ballet of China, which mainly engages in production ofvideo products. The base is also in charge of renting out site for stage artproduction. The base provides a full set of projects. The services arethoughtful and the price is reasonable.

Address ofthe base: Beijing Majuqiao Town. The base, located in the southeastern suburbBeijing, is bordering Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area in thenorth, facing Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu express highway in the east, and borderingthe 6th ring expressway in the south. The base, which has a straight-linedistance of 15 kilometers from Beijing 3rd ring road, belongs to Beijingeconomic-Technological Development Area. It has convenient transportation andcomplete service facilities.

The base,covering a total area of 2500 square meters and having a building area of 4000square meters, includes 1100 square meters' large studio,350 square meters' small studio, 80 square meters' video and audio control room, 150 square meters' dressing room, 150 square meters' dinninghall, 150 square meters' bar and tearoom, 370 squaremeters' scene painting room and 300 square meters' rooms for other auxiliary purpose. Our warehouse covers an area of750 square meters, and we have 21 guest rooms that can accommodate 50/60guests.

The world is our stage. Chinese ballet is where we are!

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  • Address:No. 3 Taiping Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Postal code:100050
  • Tel:010-83553737


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